The Lie

I asked myself all the time, was it necessary to lie? Was I really capable of doing it? Would I do it again?

It was December 31, a beautiful bright sunny day. I knew I had a huge party coming up. It was New Year’s Eve. I was on vacation at my grandmother’s house, but I wanted to celebrate with my friends. So I went to the kitchen, and the most delicious, mouthwatering smell came out of there. She was cooking, busy cutting some onions, so I stood beside her.

“Hey grandma”, I said, “Isn’t it a beautiful day today? Can you feel the warmth on your skin and the gentle breeze that dances with your hair and kisses your face?”

 She stared at me with curiosity and then she said, “Yes it is, thank God”.

I was starting the conversation as polite as I could so she would let me go, but now I needed to ask her.

“Hum” I said, “a cousin asked me to go and celebrate at her house today, they are having a BBQ, and since you are not going to stay up that late, could I go to her place?” I lied.

I couldn’t even look at her eyes; I was just staring at an orange that I was playing with in my hands.

“I’m going to have to call them and ask if it’s true”, she answered. Her glaze was suspicious, like if she knew I was lying.

“Fine, call them”, I replied, sounding as confident as I could, but panicking on the inside. After a moment I realized I wasn’t breathing, but thankfully she was looking away and so she didn’t see my pale expression. So I ran to my bedroom, and immediately to my cellphone and call my cousin Katherine.
“Hey what’s up?” she answered.
“I need your help”, I said.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, “sure I’ll help you”.

“Ok so, I need you to tell your mom to tell my grandma that you are having a BBQ and that she wants me to come”. I said.

“Actually”, she told me “we are having a BBQ and I was just about to call you and ask if you wanted to come, that way we could go clubbing afterwards”.
The relief I felt was amazing.

“Oh my God, that’s perfect”, I told her almost yelling.
“But tell your grandma so she doesn’t suspect anything” I said.

“Yeah sure, no problem”, she told me.
“Thank you so much, you just saved my life” I said.

She laughed and replied; “ok then, see you tonight”.

“Yeah see you”, I answered and then hung up. I didn’t feel guilty anymore. I layed in my bed and fell asleep for almost two hours, when I woke up I was hungry, so I went to the kitchen in search of food.

“How did you sleep”, asked my grandma, who surprised me in the kitchen.

“Great”, I said, “I’m hungry though”.

“I know, I thought you might be hungry when you woke up, so I cooked you something”, she answered.

“Yummy”, I said.

“I called your ant”, she told me “the party starts at seven”.

“Really”, I said, “That’s awesome thank you grandma”. I was oblivious about that.

“But”, she answered “you are taking Michelle with you”.

“Oh no… really?” I asked, “She’s only seven years old, I’ll have to take care of her”, I was so upset.

“I don’t see a problem with that” she said. We both stared at each other for a while with an awkward silence.
“You are not going without her young lady”, she said.
“Fine”, I told her. I could not think about anything at that moment. I finished eating, then washed the dishes and brushed my teeth. My grandma went to clean her garden. Then I noticed it was already four pm. I hurried to my room and started with my hair. I was straightening it while I thought how  was I going to keep up with my plans with a seven year old girl. When I finished my hair It was five o clock. So now I was looking for something to wear. I was searching in my clothes and tried about eight outfits until I found the perfect one for the occasion; I was a short, long sleeved pink shirt, jeans and black high heels. Then I started my makeup, when I was done it was almost time to leave.

 Then my grandma came into my room and said, “Michelle is here, and take this money just in case an emergency”.

She gave me thirty dollars.

“Thank you grandma, I’ll be right there”. I answered. Then she smiled and left.

 I finished packing my stuff for tonight and headed to the living room.

“Let’s go” I told Michelle. She smiled and came right next me.

“Be careful”, my grandma said.
“Sure” I told her.
“Have fun, bye” she answered.

When we made it to my cousins house I told Michelle to stay seated and to stay seated and to behave herself.

I went to my cousins room and told her; “we have a problem”.
“What?” She asked
“My grandma doesn’t trust me, and sent Michelle with me”, I said.

“That’s easy”, she said “I thought it was something worse, I have sleeping drops, we can give some to her in her drink”.

“Yes”, I said “where are those?”

“In my drawer”, she told me.

I found the drops and went to make Michelle a drink.  I poured seven drops into her orange juice and gave it to her. 

“Here you go” I said.           

“Thank you” she told me.
I smiled at her. The time passed fast; before I could realize it we were screaming and throwing fireworks because it was New Years. We were all screaming and celebrating.

 Michelle came to me and said; “I’m really sleepy”.

“Ok let’s go and put you into bed”, I said.

I went to my cousin’s room and she laid down in a small bed and fell asleep really fast.

“Wow that was quick”, I told Katherine.

“I told you it would work”, she said laughing.

We did our last makeup retouch and then left the house. When we got to the club we met all our friends and we started to laugh, tell jokes, and make fun about a friend who had extremely green hair, we were all having a great time.

 “You guys really made it”, said David, one of our friends. We didn’t answer we just smiled back.

After a while of being outside we decided to go inside and dance for the rest of the night or morning I should say. I was dancing so much I could barely feel my feet so I sat down to rest for a moment and to drink something. It was three o clock, and people were starting to leave, so all my friends and cousins were planning to go to another club in town.

“This is almost dead”, screamed one of my friends; “let’s go to the other club, that one is awesome”.

“Yeah let’s go”, they all started saying.

So we were on our way to the other club, the car was completely overloaded with people, they were all screaming and laughing. The music was so loud I could barely hear them. When we got to the club, as planned, it was full of people and the music was so loud that I couldn’t listen to myself. I was having so much fun, I was dancing until I couldn’t even breathe anymore, I also lost track of time.

Then I realized it was five thirty already. So we decided to go home. This time we were all sleepy and tired, nobody was talking, we just wanted to sleep. I could feel my eyes closing, and it was hard to keep them open. Then they stopped in front of my cousin’s house to drop us off. I said goodbye to everyone and said, “Guys last night and half of today was fun”, I said jokingly.
“It was awesome”, added Geremy, a friend.
“Totally” said Katherine. “We certainly have to repeat that”. 

“Yes, definitely” I said, “ok guys we have to catch up with some sleep”.

“Yes, indeed” they said “see you later then"

After that I jumped straight into bed without taking anything off. The bed felt like glory when I laid down.
“I’m so tired”, said Katherine.
“Me too” I replied. Then we both fell asleep.

I woke up at noon, still tired. Katherine was already awake.

“Its kinds late” I said “I have to go home my grandma is probably waiting for us”.
Then Michelle came in and said “Hi Maria, where were you last night? I heard when you got home”.
I was in shock and I couldn’t say anything. 

“We were in front of the house talking with some friends”, Katherine said, “right Maria?”

“Yes exactly”, I said “don’t worry Michelle”.

“Oh ok”, she answered.

“Are you ready?’’ I asked Michelle.

“Yes”, she said, “your grandma called and asked at what time were we leaving”.
“Hum ok” I said while packing everything up I went downstairs and I said goodbye to my family.

“I’ll text you later”, I told Katherine.

“Yeah sure, I got stuff to tell you” she said laughing.

When I got home my grandma was waiting for us in the living room.

“Hey how’s it going?” she asked, “how was the party?’’

“It was fantastic” I said, “we had a lot of fun”, with a smile on my face.
“Good”, she said “Maria?” she asked with a suspicious look on her face; “is there something you want to tell me?”

“No”, I replied “nothing at all”, my guilt was betraying me. I felt like a huge amount of ice came down my back, I shiverd.

“Ok” she said, with a small smirk on her face.
I questioned myself, did she know? How did she know?

In my opinion it is killing the creativity, teacher's focus too much on learning, studying and reading that they forget about creativity.
I saw in the video that they talked about how children about 5-6 years old were geniuses and as they start to grow they lose that and it's supposed to be the opposite, like when they grow up they should be better and not worse. They also mentioned that the education system was created a really long time ago where people would just sit down and pay attention to one person for 4 hours, and it's still the same, and I think it should change. I think that everybody should talk and not only one person because it's really tired. They also mentioned in the video that our generation is mostly full with video games, cell phones, internet etc.. and so when we go to school it's not a great motivation because we want to be with all the other stuff instead of school and that's where you're forced to go study and it becomes a really annoying routine for them, and they could end up in drugs, alcohol, etc .. .
Also the video said that people judge and don't think that art is going to help you in life, people think that by studying you will have a job and that is not necessarily  true, sometimes it's hard to find a job, and I've heard people saying ''I wish I could go back to school, it would be so much easier than what I'm doing now" it's not always like that. I also know there are people who don't like to study  and instead they like to draw or play an instrument and people will judge them and say "you won't do anything in life with that you should focus on studying". I think it should change and that people shouldn't be forced to study something they don't want to just because society thinks thats the way it should be. I think we should think differently and be original, change the system of studying, add more arts, music or things you can enjoy and not just sitting there and reading.  I think people shouldn't be afraid of showing who they really are and what they could do so they underestimate themselves because they are scared of what will people think, what will they say about me or things like that, and so they have to follow what everyone does like studying something they probably wouldn't  like.  

My name is Maria Espinosa, I'm 16 years old. I speak spanish and english, some of my characteristics are that   I'm a really easy going person,  when you get to know me I'm a lot of fun, I'm a really active person, responsible.. I want to study  Civil engineering or architecture, I'm still not sure about which one I want yet. I like meeting new people, playing baseball and doing all kind of activities like drawing, exercising, learning new things, listening to music and reading also when I laugh it's pretty hard to make me stop.  My family is really fun, we fight, laugh and always have a good time no matter where we are. I love watching movies my favorite movie is despicable me I could watch it one hundred times and I won't get bored, I like to read when I don't have anything to do. My favorite book until now is the Saga Twilight. I love playing video games my favorite is Call of Duty. If I won the lottery I would probably visit every country I could and take my family with me I've always wanted to travel around the world. This is like a little peek of who I am.